Sertec Customer Service and Business Continuity

Sertec is committed to providing you with unmatched, continuous, reliable customer service 24/7, 365 days a year. Sertec guards against computer and/or equipment failure, inclement weather, and natural disasters with advanced data security technology and extensive backup systems, including multiple redundant computers, a regularly tested backup hot-site, off-site data replication, on-site motor generator, and a state-of-the-art Avaya telephone system. Other safeguards include the following:

Business Continuity Technology

  • Full Business continuity plan, tested annually. Continuous customer service in case of power failures, equipment failure, or natural disasters
  • Multiple underground electric feeds from the street
  • APC-UPS protection for all major systems in contact centers to keep core computers and report intake workstations up in case of power spikes or flickers
  • On-site motor Detroit Diesel generator that seamlessly engages at loss of power providing full power to contact centers, as well as all main servers, lights, and computers on all floors
  • Complete hot-site backup from an international company, allowing continued report intake stations, telephone communication, and co-location of  Sertec’s computers, etc.
  • Annual hot-site testing.
  • Capability to quickly relocate staff  to hot site in the event of a disaster

Proprietary Software

Sertec’s subsidiary companies have developed proprietary technology and software to enhance its work in two areas:

  • High-tech quality control management, and
  • Large volume customer response management.

DriverCheck’s Safety Shield and ServiceCheck’s Falcon are just two of the proprietary systems that were developed and are constantly being enhanced by Sertec’s world-class IT department.

Data Security and Integrity

  • Annual Security Audit and Penetration Testing
  • Cisco 4331 router with PIX Firewall, IDS, IPS, and VPN
  • SSL through VeriSign for secure data transactions on the web with secure user ID and password
  • PGP, GNU and PGP encryption of data files, incoming and outgoing
  • McAfee Virus Scan on all servers and computers
  • Windows Defender Anti-Spyware on all computers

Core Computers and Backup

Sertec features two parallel core Sun computers, M-4000 and V-890, both with RAID, running Solaris 10, plus supporting Windows servers.

  • Each record is written to two drives on the M-4000 and then replicated on two drives on the V-890 within milliseconds. For added security, the V-890 is located off-site at our disaster recovery vendor, Hewlett-Packard.
  • A backup of key calls, data, and programs is made each day. Files are stored in a secure location off-site, resulting in six copies of each record.

Telephone Systems Backup

  • Sertec’s Avaya telephone switch has redundant major components and is covered by a maintenance contract stipulating a maximum response time of two hours and full replacement of hardware and software.
  • Sertec uses three telephone companies. Each supplies Sertec with multiple T-1/T-3 service with full redundancy.
  • Sertec’s office building utilizes underground telephone lines from the street.
  • Sertec maintains Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) backup on its phones.

Utility Backup

Sertec’s office building uses redundant double underground electric service from Georgia Power Company, as well as Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS and motor-generator backups.

Contact Center Backup

Sertec maintains report intake workstations in reserve to guard against faulty telephone or computer equipment and to handle your emergency high-volume situations.

  • Sertec has arranged with hotels within walking distance to house key employees when inclement weather threatens. Four times during the past eight years, Sertec employees have stayed in hotels in weather emergencies. As a result, service to Sertec clients has not been interrupted.