Information Transformation Solutions

Provides Actionable Data to Increase Profits, Retain Customers, Reduce Costs and Lower Risk

Actec Systems DriverCheck ServiceCheck

Sertec, the leader in incident reporting management, provides:

Corporate Solutions

  • First notice of loss (FNOL) and insurance claims reporting
  • Absence management & Trend analytics
  • Catastrophic Reporting
  • Instant Notification Incident Reporting
  • Employee Hotline
  • FNOL and Absence Data Analytics
  • After Hours/Night and Weekend FNOL Coverage

Fleet Solutions

  • Driver monitoring hotlines
  • Collision reduction solution:
  • How’s-My-Driving
  • GPS fleet management
  • Trailer Tracker
  • Electronic Logging Devices
  • On-line Training
  • Learning Management
  • Confidential Safety Hotline

Retail Solutions

  • Customer retention and brand loyalty solutions
  • Customer comments, complaints, and trending analyses
  • Crisis hotlines
  • Confidential employee hotlines
  • Fraud reporting services
  • Legal threat reporting
  • Business catastrophic alert services
  • Customer surveys