Sertec, the leader in incident reporting management, provides:

Insurance and Company Solutions

  • First notice of loss (FNOL) and insurance claims reporting
  • Absence management & Trend analystics
  • Catastrophic Reporting
  • Instant Notification Incident Reporting

Fleet Solutions

  • Driver monitoring hotlines
  • Collision reduction solutions: How’s-My-Driving, GPS fleet management, and Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

Retail Solutions

  • Customer retention and brand loyalty solutions
  • Customer comments, complaints, and trending analyses
  • Crisis hotlines
  • Confidential employee hotlines
  • Fraud reporting services
  • Legal threat reporting
  • Business catastrophic alert services
  • Customer surveys


Explore Sertec's solutions—Actec, DriverCheck, and ServiceCheck—and see how companies like yours have maximized profits by reducing risk.

Sertec Corporation

Service Technology Corporation ("Sertec") provides actionable data to increase profits, retain your customers, reduce your costs, and lower your risk through its three subsidiary companies: Actec, DriverCheck, and ServiceCheck.

Now at Sertec:

Actec is pleased to announce our newest client, Sears. We provide all after-hours FNOL intake service for Sears, using the Riskonnect application. One of Actec's strengths is our flexibility in using client FNOL software, via Internet or other type of connection.